Dr. Nardo’s Fall 2015 Courses:

  • CORE 203 Great Ideas of Modern Mathematics T TH 8:00-9:30 a.m. Lupton 200
  • CORE 203 Great Ideas of Modern Mathematics T TH 9:45-11:15 a.m.
    Lupton 200


Waiting List

Both of my sections of Core are closed, but unfortunately, I do NOT have the power to overload anyone into them!

All sections of “Great Ideas” use a common waiting list managed by Dr. Gieger (Chair of Math/CS) and Dr. Baube (Core Director). If you would like to add one of my sections of Core, please e-mail one of them — NOT ME.


Course Materials

Students in my sections of Core will need to buy an e-card to access the WebAssign online homework system. Included with that card is an electronic copy of the textbook; so, there is no need to buy the physical book.

Students should buy the “Enhanced WebAssign Access/eBook Card” for single-term access from the OU bookstore or directly from the publisher. Be sure to buy a single-term card (instead of the more expensive multi-term cards) because our “Great Ideas” course only lasts one semester/term.


*Please log into Moodle for full class information*
Individual class Moodle pages are being built now and will come online fully when classes start in August.