Research & Publications

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Journal and Magazine Articles (peer reviewed)

FitzStephens, Tom. (2021). Amateurism in Music Education (1967–2019): Three Calls to Action. Visions of Research in Music Education, 38.

FitzStephens, Tom. (2021). Teaching for Lifelong Musical Amateurism. Teaching Music, 29(1), 14–15.


Book Chapters

March 2020 – December 2021: Research Support.

Thomas, M. Mercier-De Shon, M., & Freer, P. K. (in press) “Sound Learning: The Pedagogical Pivots of Teaching Artists” in A. Maas & J. Lewis (Eds.), Music Education on the Verge: Stories of Pandemic Teaching and Transformative Change. Lexington Books.



International Conferences and Symposia

American Choral Directors Association International Symposium for Research in Choral Singing. Atlanta, Georgia. May 2020.

Research Poster: “Amateurism in Music Education (1967–2019): An Examination of Three Calls to Action.” Georgia State University & Karolinska Institute. Thinking Nobel Study Abroad. Stockholm, Sweden. March 2019.

Research Presentation: (Pinho et al., 2014) “Connecting to Create: Expertise in Music Improvisation is Associated with Increased Functional Connectivity between Premotor and Prefrontal Areas”


State Conferences

Georgia Music Educators Association. Annual Conference, January 2020.

Research Poster: “Amateurism in Music Education (1967–2019): An Examination of Three Calls to Action., Athens, Georgia.”



National Association for Music Education Online Professional Learning Community Webinar, October 2022. Bringing Amateurism into the Choral Classroom to Inspire Lifelong Learners


Pass the Baton Episode 38, November 2022. Amateurism in Music Education