The Hunt for the Elusive Trefoil Knot Pt. 1

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Your task is to use the Reidemeister moves to try to find Trefoil D. Knot among the knots on the following pages. One of these knots is the Trefoil; one is Sheriff Unknottingham – the simple closed loop hot on the trail of Trefoil; and one knot is his trusty deputy, Figure 8. Test your skill, and find that Trefoil!

1) Using the Reidemeister moves, figure out which one of these knots is in disguise on the left (it could be Trefoil, the Sheriff, or the Deputy.
2) Click on your guess to see if you are correct.

1.Which knot is it?

Click on your choice to the right.

unknot    Sheriff
figure8   Deputy
trefoil   Trefoil!

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