Study Abroad

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Oglethorpe Exchange Programs in Japan

Oglethorpe students are eligible to study for one year or one semester at either of our two partner institutions in Japan.

Year Abroad at Otaru University

Seigakuin Japan Studies Program

Students can study at partner schools in Japan at no additional cost in tuition. Fees for room and board in Japan are arranged by the host institution. YOUC students may be eligible for a government supported stipend for living expenses. This is arranged through Otaru’s international office.

For general information about study abroad at Oglethorpe, see the OUSA web page

Other Study Abroad Opportunities

Non-partner programs offer a variety of opportunities for study throughout Japan. The following sites provide useful information:

J.F. Oberlin Reconnaissance Japan Program
Excellent program — 30% tuition reduction for Oglethorpe Students

IES Nagoya

Kansai Gaidai

Temple University in Japan

Summer Programs

Summer programs are often a good option for those whose course requirements require them to be at Oglethorpe during the fall and spring semesters. Below are some recommended programs.

Sophia University Summer Session in Asian Studies

Princeton in Ishikawa

IES Tokyo Summer

Financial Assistance

Students wishing to study abroad in Japan may be eligible for a number of scholarships offered by various foundations, companies and government organizations.

American Association of Teachers of Japanese (AATJ) Scholarship Suggestions
This is a comprehensive list of scholarship opportunities for which you may be eligible.


Getting Ready to Go

Once you have been accepted by your host institution you will need to submit proof of acceptance to Dr. Ron Bobroff, Study Abroad Coordinator. Dr. Bobroff will guide you through the registration process.

In order to study in Japan you will need a passport and a visa. Once you are admitted to a program, you will send a form to your host institution. They will obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from the regional immigration authority and send it to you. This process can take several months, so it is important to submit the form and supporting materials as early as possible. When you get your Certificate of Eligibility you will take it to the Japanese Consulate in Atlanta to receive your visa.

You will also want to look into getting traveller’s insurance. There are several reputable providers. One that students have used in the past is MEDEX.

Below are some sites that will help you plan and prepare for you trip to Japan.

What’s Up with Culture?

The Japan FAQ: Know Before You Go

At Home in Japan