Science and Human Nature

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CORE IV – COR 402-001
Science and Human Nature

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EarthSky – What’s Going On Astronomically Today?

Avoiding Plagarism

Course Syllabus: CORE IV Syllabus

List of suggested Projects: Projects

Examples of Previous Web-based Projects

Papers & Presentations

Paper Topic 1

Paper Topic 2

Paper Topic 3

Research Guide

Lecture Images and Materials

Presentation Groups & Topics

Presentation Group Guidelines

Potential Topics

Group Presentation Schedule

Oral Presentation Rubric

Reading, Lectures, & Exams

Reading Questions 1

Reading Questions 2

Reading Questions 3

Listen to Lectures from Spring 2004

Sample Midterm 1

Sample Midterm 2

Spring ’16 Potential Final Exam Questions


Eudoxus’ Model Details

Animations of Various Astronomical Phenomena

Scale of the Universe

Size of Universe

Chromoscope (best viewed in Chrome or Firefox)

UNL Astronomy Simulations


Time Dilation


St Andrews History of Cosmology

History of Scientific Cosmology

Clive Ruggles’ Archeoastronomy Images

University of Bonn History of Astronomy

Ancient History SourceBook

Medieval History SourceBook

Modern History SourceBook

History of Science SourceBook

Catholic Encyclopedia-Cosmogony

Catholic Encyclopedia – Cosmology

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Journey to a Black Hole

Eudoxus Simulation

Cambridge Relativity Cosmology

Interdisciplinary Documentation of Religion and Science

The Galileo Project

Trial of Galileo

Letter to Castelli

Letter to Grand Duchess Christina