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My main focus for the 2023-2024 academic year has been guiding my first Actuarial Science majors through their Senior-level courses so that they can graduate this Spring.

In the Fall, I taught:

  • Fundamental Actuarial Mathematics I:  basic short-term Actuarial techniques and theory
  • Mathematical Statistics:  standard Calculus-based Statistics
  • Modeling via Excel and R:  first-year level course on spreadsheets and statistical software
  • Statistics:  non-Calculus based, for the Sociology program

In the Spring, I am teaching:

  • Statistical Learning:  regression and classification methods, cross-listed as Machine Learning for Computer Science
  • Fundamental Actuarial Mathematics II:  basic long-term Actuarial techniques and theory
  • Actuarial Capstone:  advanced short-term Actuarial techniques and theory