Welcome, students!

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The Dean of Students provides leadership and management of the Division of Campus Life. The Dean oversees a comprehensive student life program at Oglethorpe University, an urban residential liberal arts campus, which includes: Student Activities, Orientation, Student Government and Organizations, Greek Life, Counseling Center, Residence Life, Wellness and Recreation, Turner Lynch Campus Center operations and three centers in the Atlanta Laboratory for Learning (A_LAB): Global Education, Career Development and Civic Engagement. The Dean further oversees university outreach and conduct processes to support students who encounter difficulties and challenges.

Underneath the Dean of Students, the Division of Campus Life is charged with creating co-curricular opportunities that contribute positively to the overall quality of the academic and social experience at the University. The Dean and their team will encourage campus participation, build a sense of institutional citizenship and help each student find their place where they flourish and achieve the institution’s creed: Make a life. Making a living. Making a difference.

Please be sure to keep up with the latest campus life news, with this weekly newsletter from the Dean of Students.