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In Fall 2018, I am teaching:

In Spring 2019 I will teach:

  • HIS 102:¬†Europe and the World, 1560-present
  • HIS 290: European International History, 1750-present

Courses I have taught include:

  • Modern French History
  • Modern German History
  • Age of Revolution: Europe and America, 1776-1848
  • Age of Empire and Nationalism, 1848-1914
  • Age of World War: Europe, 1914-1945
  • Russia under the Tsars: Russian history to 1861
  • Modern Russian History, 1861 to the present
  • The Russian Revolution 1917
  • Russia’s Social Crisis [a service learning course, see info below]
  • Origins of the First World War
  • One Hundred Years of Russian Foreign Policy, 1900-2000
  • The Great Game: Imperial Rivalry in Central Asia
  • European Diplomacy, 1648-1814
  • European Diplomacy, 1815-1914
  • European Diplomacy, 1914-1993
  • Diplomacy and Society: The Evolution of the Modern Diplomatic System, 1400-2000
  • Modern European Imperialism
  • Europe and the World, Ancient Times to 1700
  • Europe and the World, 1560-present
  • COR 301 & 302: Historical Perspectives on the Social Order I & II


190110_1899957467224_1490302408_2082207_6649912_nService Trip to Moscow, Russia

As noted above, I taught a service-learning course in the spring of 2011. For this course, HIS 290-02, Russia’s Social Crisis, the students combined classwork on the history of and current situation in Russia with a 10-day trip to Moscow, Russia, over spring break during which we worked on renovations to an orphanage in the mornings and played with orphans in a nearby Children’s Home in some afternoons, while also touring around Moscow. This trip was organized in cooperation with Peacework, an international development organization based in Blacksburg, VA. If you are interested in making a tax-deductible contribution to our efforts, please contact me at the address above. The Oglethorpe University Alumni magazine Carillon’s Summer 2011 issue devoted two pages to our trip. You can view the magazine here.

We will keep an eye on student enthusiasm and the economic climate to see how soon we’ll go back to Moscow. If you are interested, drop me a line.