CORE 402 Presentation Guidelines

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Dates & Times: Session I: Monday, August 1 6:00-8:10 PM Location: TBA

  • Assign the other students in the class, a short (should be doable in a 20 minute sitting) but compelling preparatory assignment(s) in advance of your presentation. It can be an article, a video, a news piece, a website, a reflection, a game etc. The assigned material should allow you to be able to get to “the crux of the matter” or your chosen topic and to more effectively use your time for in-depth and synthetic explorations during your presentation. These will be made available on the course webpage five full days prior to your presentation(7/28). Readings/assignments should be sent to Dr. Rulison at the latest by Wednesday, July 27.
  • Prepare a compelling presentation for the rest of the class (18-20 minutes, 5-6 minutes/person). Each member of the group presents. This can be in the form of any combination of displays, play-acting, debate, discussion, PowerPoint presentation, etc., but be sure to start by giving the audience some sort of summary of the goals of the presentation, and make it a goal for the audience to leave with some “take-home” message – Ask yourselves: “What should people leave the presentation thinking about?” Be prepared – fumbling around for the next activity, slide, and transition will result in points being taken off. In fact, you shouldn’t need to use your notes if you are well prepared – reading verbatim from slides is something that you should not be doing. Use slides for visuals and emphasis of main points. Text-only, over-wordy slides are highly discouraged – if you have text only, pare the text down to main words needed to provide talking points and facilitate flow. Know that your level of preparation will be taken into account in your final score. THAT SAID – send me your electronic audio/visual aids no later than midnight the evening before your presentation so that I can have your A/Vs ready to go at the start of your session! You should bring, or have available, an electronic copy of your A/Vs as well.
  • Provide Dr. Rulison with an outline of your presentation. The outline can be in the form of PowerPoint slides or in a word document, but it must include your final presentation title and a list of the major points you are trying to convey in your presentation. Please indicate on this outline which team member is responsible for which activity or portion of the presentation. This is due in class on Monday, July 25.
  • Provide a consistently formatted document listing the bibliographic references that support your work. The bibliography need not need to be annotated, but it should include 1 scientific source per student in addition to any other resources that you have used to prepare for your presentations. The final resource list should include a minimum of 2 sources per student (one in addition to the ‘science-y’ one already mentioned). Format to consistency- I will be checking for consistent formatting throughout the final bibliography. Due at the presentation.
  • Each group should submit a hardcopy of the composite presentation materials to me, including signed honor code. Due at the presentation.