CORE 402 Group Presentation Topic List

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The Steady State Theory

Experimental Tests of Special and General Relativity Dark Matter

Dark Energy

Primordial Black Holes

Hawking’s No-Boundary Hypothesis


Everett’s Many Worlds Hypothesis

CMBR – Recent Analyses & Their Implications

New Technology Telescopes

Can Inflation Be Tested?

The Anthropic Principle

Far Future Scenarios for the Universe

Our Changing Understanding of Gravity (incl. Gravity Waves)

The Higgs Boson and Cosmology

Why Does Space Have Three Dimensions?

Black Holes, White Holes, Einstein-Rosen Bridges

Is Our Universe a Hologram?

String Theory and Cosmology

Matter Anti-Matter Asymmetry

Entropy and the Arrow of Time

Locality and Quantum Entanglement

Cosmic Censorship Hypothesis

Chronology Protection Conjecture

Extra Dimensions