What’s a ‘weekend’?”

by Faith Tinkey There are millions who have heard this now famous quote, by the Dowager Countess from televisions most beloved period drama. Over 120 million people from over 220 countries have seen Downton Abbey and its drama from upstairs as well as downstairs. According to Forbes Media & Entertainment, it “is the most-viewed drama […]

5 Things to Do in the Parks of London

By Kate Messa The city of London if full of many fascinating things. Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and much more. However, some of the most beautiful aspects to see in the city are the parks of London. From large parks like Hyde Park, Green Park, and Regents Park to small squares like Russell […]

A Short-Cut Guide to Paris

By Conley Grayson Norris Paris, the city of lights, is a well-known destination all over the world. It would take a person months to explore the whole city so one might ask what do I do if I only have a short amount of time. In this time crunch situation, I offer a short cut […]

london cafe

Walk in the Park

By Madison Lumpkin As I sit on this cold wet bench in the middle of a park in London I can’t help but allow my mind to wander to another place. I listen as the leaves dance against each other while the wind blows through. I sit across from a popular cafe as it’s open […]

5 Things Every American Girl Thinks While In London

By Carling Crawford “Wow!! Everything here is cheaper than in The States!!” Wrong!! Girl— that 8 pound drink you’re trying to buy is really about 11 pounds. The pesky conversion rate will get you, but you’ll quickly learn this lesson the second you check your bank account balance and you have much less money than you […]

kricket 3

Kricket: A Culinary Adventure in London

By Adrienne DeAlba When I was about seven years old, I went to a local Indian Restaurant with my family.  This was a normal outing we had done many times previously, but this time something was different. That night, I ended up getting food poisoning that was so severe I was not present in my […]

A House is Not a Home—But a Palace Is

By Alejandra Gallegos Ask any normal person where they spend their summers, and you’ll receive a variety of answers. Some travel back to their original birthplace (or that of their parents) and others stay in their native state; some travel every year for a week to a timeshare in an exotic location and others dedicate […]

Anne Catherine Demere

By Anne Catherine Demere Tuesday afternoon, barely even three days after settling in at the flat in London Sunday night, I had just a wonderful idea. An idea I carried with me since a few weeks before our program start date. It was then that I realized 221B Baker Street, the famous setting of the […]

Silent Disco – The Shard

By Katherine Nein Throughout my life I always loved experiencing new things whether it be going on an new adventure to a different city or try something new and completely out of my comfort zone. Deciding to go to abroad was a huge decision for me that I didn’t take lightly and it was something […]