5 Things to Do in the Parks of London

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By Kate Messa

The city of London if full of many fascinating things. Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and much more. However, some of the most beautiful aspects to see in the city are the parks of London. From large parks like Hyde Park, Green Park, and Regents Park to small squares like Russell Square to private gardens, there are many places to see that exhibit the beauty and history of London.

Top 5 Things to Do in the Parks

1: Go on a Picnic

Going on a picnic is one of the top things to do in the London parks. Bring a blanket and take a trip to the local grocery store or take away from your favorite restaurant to get a great picnic meal. Set up under a tree or in a more secluded area and hang out alone or with friends and observe the green grass and cool breeze of the park. Make it a relaxing experience!

2. See the Rose Gardens in Regents Park

Regents Park is one of the biggest parks in London holding the most fascinating rose gardens. This beautiful sight is a must-see in London. All types of flowers fill up the park ranging in a variety of colors as far as the eye can see. Even the names of the flowers are displayed so you are able to decide which specific flowers are your favorite!

3. Exercise 

After all of the fish and chips and amazing London food, you may have an urge to burn off some calories and what better way to do it than in the park. All of the parks, big or small, contain wide sidewalks that you can walk or run on. Large fields can be used for stationary exercises and the beautiful views will entertain you during your workout!

4. Go on a Date

Going on a stroll through the park, having a picnic, or even laying in the grass and looking at the sky are all great things to do in the park with your partner. Whether it’s a first date or a marriage proposal, the beautiful aspects of the parks of London create a romantic vibe for you and your date.

5. Partake in Water Activities 

In many of the parks in London, mostly the larger parks such as Hyde Park and Regents Park, water activities are provided for the public to partake in. There are small rowing boats and paddle boats that the public can use to see the magnificent views of the park from a different view. These activities are not very expensive and on a sunny day nothing else sounds better!

Overall, the parks of London contain ages of beauty and history. The relaxing atmosphere can create many memories for you to experience. Now go see the parks of London!

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