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Walk in the Park

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By Madison Lumpkin

As I sit on this cold wet bench in the middle of a park in London I can’t help but allow my mind to wander to another place. I listen as the leaves dance against each other while the wind blows through. I sit across from a popular cafe as it’s open windows and beautiful flower display blends into the surrounding scenery. Hearing nothing but the good morning chatter and birds chirping peace engulfs my soul. I walk through this park every day making my way from the entrance to the exit I admire everything it holds. I get lost with its wanders as my mind leads the way through this beautiful square park. I imagine it as another world in this little square park, away from the hustle in the city it’s a calming place to gather your thoughts and finally relax. The sky can be dark with clouds or bright with the sun beaming down on your face, you still get captured in by this amazing place.

london cafe

Drops of rain fall on my face but it doesn’t faze me as my mind is in another world. I am captured by the colors of this garden and the people within. I sit on this bench as a dog plays chase with leaves in the breeze. My senses are captured by the smell of fresh ground coffee and perfume from the elderly woman who stroll by. I have never been in the center of a more beautiful park and this is a must see.


Russel Square Garden changed my view on London for the better. You will be stunned by its simplicity and beauty of fresh grass and flowers. There are birds that gather and feed in front of you as you let go of your worries. A magical place it truly is as the city is surrounding outside the brass cold gates, but within is another world. Different than anything else in London it will leave you with a taste of wonder and delight in your mouth. Russell Square Garden is truly an experience and not just a place.

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