5 Things Every American Girl Thinks While In London

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By Carling Crawford

Wow!! Everything here is cheaper than in The States!!

Wrong!! Girl— that 8 pound drink you’re trying to buy is really about 11 pounds. The pesky conversion rate will get you, but you’ll quickly learn this lesson the second you check your bank account balance and you have much less money than you thought. Pro Tip: For every ten pounds you spend, you are spending three extra dollars.

british pound

“Chemist?? Loo?? Queue?? What??”

Americans will quickly learn that Americans and Brits use completely different words for things. So before you’re that person who is blankly staring at the ZARA dressing room attendant telling you to “queue up” (been there done that!), check out this helpful reference guide below:


“Thats like.. the sixth cute boy Ive seen in the last five minutes!

After seeing cute British boy after cute British boy you may catch on to the fact that for every 155 men theres only 100 women in London. London was voted the best place to be a single girl by Independent magazine, so go ahead and find your prince ladies!


“Keep talking… I could listen to your accent forever.”

We probably all have swooned over the dreamy sounds of the British accents we hear echoing on the streets and cant help but wonder… do they like our accents this much? Keep dreaming! A study conducted by a British blog called The Berry found that Brits don’t enjoy American accents and in fact, it can be quite grating on their ears.


“I need to learn the pedestrian rules. I would rather not get run over, thanks!”

For starters, the yellow light means that the light is about to turn green, not red. Pedestrians do not always have the right of way, jaywalking is not illegal and its customary to walk on the RIGHT hand side of the street. Your best bet is to wait for the green light on the crosswalk or you run the risk of getting hit by a double decker bus.


Good luck!

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