Silent Disco – The Shard

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By Katherine Nein

Throughout my life I always loved experiencing new things whether it be going on an new adventure to a different city or try something new and completely out of my comfort zone. Deciding to go to abroad was a huge decision for me that I didn’t take lightly and it was something I really thought hardly on. Obviously, I decided to take a leap of faith and said to myself, just do it. My experience with London, so far has been way more than I can ever imagine, something out of a novel I would have read enviously. As we got to London, I made a bucket list for myself and what I wanted to do when I was spending my time here. I realized how much I truly wanted to do and really realized how little time there was to do it. My first thing on my agenda wasn’t like any other person in my group, it was to encounter silent disco on top of the highest skyscraper in London, the Shard.

I happily announced to the people in my group that I was planning on going and if they wanted to join me. And to my delight, so many people wanted to experience this as well. It ended up being 10 of us going to see how this silent disco thing on top of the Shard worked. Silent disco is something not everyone gets to do in their lifetime and is often forgotten by many. But this was probably my favorite experience in London so far. All 10 of us gathered together and wobbled in our heels down to the tube station, some in pain and some in pure excitement. As we got there, we rode up 68 levels to the top and were greeted by the staff with various headphones that were all light up all different colors. As we walked up a flight of stairs into the main DJ area, we fell silent.

The lights of the city twinkled below our feet and truly put on the best show there ever was for us. I felt like I was apart of something bigger than myself. I smile back at the city that so graciously welcomed me with open arms. We all put on our headphones and began laughing at our silly dance moves and danced with complete strangers to the music we were listening to. For that evening, it didn’t matter what problems we had below us or what was going on in our heads, all that mattered was one another. We hugged each other tightly as the night slowly ended to everyone’s dismay. For that brief period of time, life was put on hold for us and it is the simple things like that I truly come to appreciate. These people I called strangers just a week ago are no longer strangers but in fact my very best friends.

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