Research & Publications

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My PhD Dissertation; a partial solution to Frege’s Puzzle and a new theory of the metaphysics of words:
On Words

My Logic Textbook. Not sure whether to call it “Death, Taxes and Logic” or “Smoove Proves”.
Logic Volume I
Logic Volume II

I think it’s quite excellent and have used it formany years. Students love it. Feel free to use and distribute this for free. Logic texts shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.
I have problemsets available for any professors who would like to use them.

A paper on my Inferring Argument.. I have given versions of this at conferences, twice now.

Thick and Thin Words, Short version. (I can’t find the longer, more recent version!)

Two concepts of Human Nature in King Lear (You wear a lot of hats at a place like OU!)