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A professor at a small liberal arts college must wear many hats, and so I’ve taught a good many different courses in my career. My specialty is Formal Logic, but I have taught Intro, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Language, 20th Century Analytic, Great Ideas in Modern Math, and Oglethorpe’s ubiquitous Core Program (in particular Core I, Narratives of the Self, or “learning to write through reading great literature”.)
I have a bit of a background in computational linguistics, from grad school, and as Oglethorpe does not have a Linguistics Major, I have wound up teaching a few independent studies in formal semantics and conversational pragmatics.

In the recent past, I have taught:

Spring 2018:

Core 102       Syllabus      Reading Schedule
What is Philosophy? Syllabus     Reading Schedule

Fall 2017:

Core 101      Syllabus       Reading Schedule
Formal Logic    Syllabus     Readlist     Textbook Volume I     Textbook Vol II
20th Century Analytic Philosophy     Syllabus     Reading Schedule

Spring 2017:

Core 102
Philosophy of Language     Syllabus     Reading Schedule
What is Philosophy?