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Welcome to my web page.

I’m Devon Belcher, Philosophy professor at Oglethorpe University. If you’re here, you probably figured that part out on your own. I’ve been here since August 2008, when I moved from the University of Colorado nestled in the Rocky Mountain Foothills. I got my PhD in 2005, when I completed my dissertation “On Words” under George Bealer and Michael Tooley. The material grew from my fascination with intensionality and Frege’s Puzzle, when I saw a solution to the puzzle that required me to develop and defend a radical Platonist view on the metaphysics of words. If that sounds like an odd combination, you can read for yourself. I’ve been teaching Philosophy in one way or another since 1995 or so.

When I came to Oglethorpe, one of the things that really impressed me was Oglethorpe’s Core Program. I went to a small liberal arts college (Reed College) myself and I am a huge proponent of a broad liberal arts education which produces thoughtful citizens, flourishing and creative individuals, and connections amongst disciplines – things to be found in spades at Oglethorpe.

In my copious spare time, I enjoy distance target shooting, trap and skeet shooting, and upland bird hunting, which I do not get to do enough of. I’ve also been involved with a group of online video gamers for nearly twenty years, watching teammates grow from high school kids to adults with jobs and families and houses. Although Team Apothesosis no longer competes, we were champions in a few games, and forged some strong real-life friendships in that time.

I am also a huge nerd about reading fantasy, science fiction and mythology. I’ve got a pretty extensive library if you’re interested.

Victory or Valhalla!