The links below are the guide for preparing papers in my courses. Study each section carefully. Taken together, these rules comprise a form of apodictic law, handed down from on high, but as an act of mercy. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the form of citation and the grading standard.



Included are links to some of my favorite sites (well, not all of them — there must be room for propriety).  Keep checking as I will be regularly updating this page.

Ancient History

Perseus Project

Ancient History Sourcebook (from Fordham University)

Medieval History

Medieval History Sourcebook (from Fordham)

Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies

The Labyrinth Home Page

(14th Century MS)

The Catholic Encyclopedia

Michael Tinkler’s Homepage (great art resource)

Ante-Nicene and Post-Nicene Church Fathers (From New Advent)

The Arnemagnaeam Institute (Viking-Age manuscripts)

Renaissance and Reformation

Archive for Reformation History

Sixteenth Century Studies Conference


Reformation section of Modern History Sourcebook

Reformation section of Medieval History Sourcebook

Renaissance section of Medieval History Sourcebook

Jacob Burkhardt’s Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy

Catasto of 1427 (Detailed demographic study of Florence in 1427)

City of Florence Homepage

Project Wittenberg

Index Verborum — Martin Luther’s German Writings

Pitts Theology Library Image Archives (Reformation Woodcuts)

Libraries and Archives

Oglethorpe University Library

Galileo (Georgia Library Catalogue)

Pitts Theology Library

Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel

Archives in Germany

Archiv des Erzbistums Bamberg 

Maritime History

The Vasa Museum (Swedish warship sunk in 1628)

Batavia Yard (Reconstruction of Dutch East Indianman)

The Mary Rose (English warship sunk in 1547)



Naval History Center, U.S. Navy

National Museum of Naval Aviation

News, Weather and Sports

National Weather Service, Peachtree City

Wall Street Journal, Opinion Page

Atlanta Journal/Constitution

Chicago Tribune


Drudge Report

Sports Radio 680 — “The Fan”

Atlanta Braves

Chicago Cubs

University of Michigan Football  (I’d advise checking this before any Monday class this fall)