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My research is twofold; the life and works of British author Elizabeth Goudge and reading habits of undergraduate students. For more information on Elizabeth follow the links below:– Elizabeth Goudge Society



A Generous Gift to the Philip Weltner Library Spotlights Elizabeth Goudge

41NE04P37KL__SL500_AA300__000The Angela Thirkell Society is pleased to be able to contribute a selection of Elizabeth Goudge books to the Philip Weltner Library of Oglethorpe University. A 501(c)3 Corporation, the Angela ThirkellSociety Board of Directors voted that this donation be made because of the emphasis that you have at the Philip Weltner Library. Oglethorpe University is providing a valuable resource to the literary community by serving as the repository of works by this author, beloved by many during her own era and now recognized for their literary, historical and social significance.

This collection was a bequest to the Angela Thirkell Society from the Mary Hays estate, and it is our request that the books be retained, either as reference works or circulating copies, depending on other copies you already have in your collection. Very few years into the future, the ability to collect and retain books from this time period will become extremely difficult, and it is the recognition of both the Angela Thirkell Society and the Elizabeth Goudge Society of the fragile nature of retaining these works that prompted us to make the selection of the Philip Weltner Library, Oglethorpe University.

Barbara Houlton, Chairman

The Angela Thirkell Society

List of Books Donated

The Rosemary Tree

The Herb of Grace

The Bird in the Tree

The White Witch

The Golden Skylark

My God and My All

A Diary of Prayer

A Book of Faith

A Book of Comfort

Gentian Hill

A City of Bells

The Scent of Water

The Joy of the Snow

The Dean’s Watch


For more information on Elizabeth Goudge and my research focus on her life and times contact:

Anne A. Salter

Office number:404-364-8514