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Welcome to the Philip Weltner Library

The library provides a scholarly atmosphere for the students, faculty staff, alumni, and members of the campus community. For more information on the library see the website at: http://library.oglethorpe.edu/

Arch4-BBrief History

Oglethorpe University and the Library
Oglethorpe University was founded in 1835 in the Midway community near Milledgeville, Georgia. The university was named in honor of the founder of the colony of Georgia, General James Edward Oglethorpe. The present day campus was built in 1916 under the direction of Thornwell Jacobs, president of the university. The major quadrangle buildings reflect the English University style as designed by the Atlanta architectural firm of Morgan, Dillon and Downing. The library was relocated to Lowry Hall, a building designed in the style of Corpus Christ College, Oxford, the alma mater of James Edward Oglethorpe.The library was renovated in 1991 and dedicated in honor of Philip Weltner, past president of the university and outstanding citizen of Georgia.